Ramadhan Routine

A time for reflection, simplicity, unity and a ‘cleansing of the soul and mind’.

Join our routine during this Ramadhan for Ta'lim Ramadhan, 12 PM onwards, from Monday to Thursday.
We're also hold tarawih Prayer after Isha, everyday at level 4.

Hadroh Perform

Feel the nuance of Ramadhan Kareem at Kuningan City! 

More exciting and complete with Hadroh perform by Daarul Tauhid
Come to Kuningan City every Friday during June, Hadroh will be performing at Ground Floor.

See you!

Hijab Project by Muse 101

The Urban Modest Store is finally hit the city!

Now you can get every beautiful modest piece from emerging local designer here at Kuningan City.
Come to level UG find more than 10 modest brand.

Hijab Project by Muse 101, Kuningan City, level UG.

London School of Public Relations PR Festival 1 - 5 June 2016

Join us in PR Festival by London School of Public Relations!
check out the details!

GO-JEK Shelter


Kami telah membuka GO-JEK Shelter di Kuningan City, berada di pintu masuk barat level upper ground (UG). 

click for details.

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